Five simple changes to bring healthier products into your life.

9/13/20232 min read

Making small changes to live a healthier life sounds simple enough, but knowing where to start can feel overwhelming and unachievable. So let's discus how we can make these changes in our daily routine, whether it's with our cleaning products, our snack options, body care products or what we reach for when we or our children are feeling under the weather. These little 'pivots' can lead to a healthier and more natural way of living. By substituting even one of the chemical-based products you use with natural alternatives, we can enhance our well-being, reduce our exposure to harmful substances, be gentler on our planet and save a few dollars. We aren't dumb people, and by now we all know that chemicals can be harmful, fruits and vegies are good for us, medicine should be used sparingly, blah blah blah. However, we often need a reminder (or ten) to kickstart our new behaviors. So this is your reminder. You already know this stuff, But let's review! Below are five inexpensive, easy substitutes to create a healthier home.

  1. One simple change is to switch from synthetic cleaning agents to natural ingredients like vinegar, castile soap or baking soda, which are just as effective and less toxic. The combination of vinegar, water and essential oils like lemon or orange oil is a great alternative to the usual surface cleaner. Note: because citrus essential oils do not contain Citric Acid, they are indeed safe to use on granite and other stone surfaces. Baking soda and vinegar is not only a great soap scum buster but a fun "science experiment" to do with your kiddos. (Recipes will follow). Castile soap, water and a few drops of essential oils makes a good floor cleaner. Making our own cleaners not only saves money, but are less toxic to our children and our pets. Pets can be especially sensitive to chemicals and scents in our cleaners, candles, etc. which then can lead to allergy issues and expensive vet bills.

  2. Another way to live healthier is to replace a few of our usual processed snacks with fresh fruits, vegetables and easy to prepare snacks, providing our bodies with essential nutrients. We know first-hand how picky kids can be, turning their noses up at carrots, raisins, broccoli, etc. Even if they've never tasted the "snack that smiles back" or boxed mac n cheese, they will inevitably push away from the healthy snacks we offer.

  3. Additionally, opting for organic skincare products instead of those containing harsh chemicals can promote healthier skin. Choosing natural remedies such as essential oils for common ailments is another step towards a chemical-free lifestyle. With these five changes, we can pave the way for a healthier and more sustainable future.